03rd of August 2014: - We took photos of our two litters and you can look at them here....



26th of February 2014: - We have been on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2014 at the international Catshow of the EKKR (FIFe) in Legionowo, near Warschaw. It was a very nice, well organised Show with a Special Best in Show for Norwegian Forest Cats on Saturday. You will find a short report here: Showreport Warschaw 2014



24th of February 2014: - Now our three kitten left and they live with their new families now. Their three new "Mummys" Tanja, Sonja and Marion created a Blog together, to show the development of our little Darlings very lovely and with a lot of humour! So we can always follow the adventures of Padwyn, Päivi and Pheebee. Look at this funny and lovely Blog:



01st of January 2014: - We are now Members of the 1. DEKZV (FIFe) and sustaining Members of the Felidae e.V.



3rd of May 2013: - Today we have been with 5 of our Darlings to the Heartscreening in Hannover with Dr. Tobias:

David Sanborn des Iles Lofoten, 5 years old (Vixen des Iles Lofoten x Audrey Hepburn de Lailoken) 2nd screening - HCM normal

Engevika des Iles Lofoten, 3 years 9 month old(Daddy Cool des Iles Lofoten x Blasippa des Iles Lofoten) 2nd screening - HCM normal

Iva von Clanngadarn, 2,5 years old (Charybde de Lailoken x Cléophée von Clanngadarn) 1st screening - HCM normal

Ivi von Clanngadarn, 2,5 years old (Charybde de Lailoken x Cléophée von Clanngadarn) 1st screening - HCM normal

Lishadi von Clanngadarn, 2 years old (Drais von Clanngadarn x Babajaga von Clanngadarn) 1st screening - HCM normal

We are very happy about this excellent results



18th of March 2013: - Oh, how beautiful he is.... On the 09th of February 2013 our Iva gave birth to our O-litter.




22nd of January 2013: - We attended the FIFe Show of the 1. DEKZV in Rheda-Wiedenbrück!...   click here for the results...




13th of November: - New pictures of our M-Litter with 5 weeks. They grow and grow... And we have a lot of fun with them! :) here



31st of October: - On the 25th of October our N-litter arrived safe and sound...! Ginger delighted us with 2 beautiful here



18th of October: - New pictures of our M-Litter with 10 Days. Now every kitten has its own here


18th of October: - We have a new Page for our Sheep,too, because we have three new here



our sheep


06th October: Our colourful M-Litter was born on the 3rd of Oct! We are very happy with Mum Engevika des Iles Lofoten and Dad David Sanborn des Iles Lofoten..:):) -->click here


25th of June: - This weekend we attended a Catshow in Hamburg! For results and pics -->click here



21st of March: - Last Saturday we brought our darling Leri von Clanngadarn to her new home in Hückelhoven (near Aachen) with the family Nießen/Peters (Cattery "of Tjorven"). We wish a lot of fun with our sweety and for our Leri a lot of happy moments with her new family, with Charly and Co. and lots of little healthy kitten ...

Leri im neuen Zuhause



13th of February: - Hexar von Clanngadarn is living in his new home with Mrs. Lardong in Potsdam now. To see the photos in his new home ==>click here


All our Kitten found their new nice home. You can find the photos of the litters in the Kitten=>Galerie soon.


Our "Red" Gisèle von Clanngadarn is living in Hohnstorf/Lauenburg with Mr. Meyer and Aische now. We wish her all the Best and Mr. Meyer and Aische lots of fun with our "little whirlwind in red"..:)Photos you can see ==>click here


News of our little Canadian Girl Jette von Clanngadarn: She attended her first Catshow, is Champion now and was Second Best of Breed in one Ring. We are very happy about it and say: "Congratulions" to Kat, Dave and Jette!:)


Jettes erste Show


16. Dezember: - On the 03rd and 04th of December our Club Felidae e. V. presented the big annual Christmas-Catshow and we attended this "Highlight of the year" very successful and with a lot of Joy. For the results of our Cats --> click here



16th of November: - Today our Jette left to live in Canada! We flew with her to Ontario, Canada. She will found the new Cattery of Kat and Dave...:)-->click here



11th of November: - Today was our great day! After exactly 11-Years of "testing" we said "Yes" on the 11.11.11 at 11 A.M. and got married! Now we are really looking forward to our big -hopefully sunny- Gardenparty on the 11th of May! (So we can wear our bridal gown a second time!!)...!-->click here



30th of October: - We attended a Catshow in Berlin. It was a very big Petfair with lots and lots of visitors! You can find the results of our Cats here -->Click for more infos



29th of Mai: - We have new Pages for our Catrun, our Garden and our House.

- You can find them under the Navigationpoint "About us"



18th of May: - We attended the FIFé Show in Hamburg on Saturday, 14th of May of the 1.DEKZV and again had a lot of fun...

- Click here for the results...



12th of May: - Not planned, but warmly welcomed!!! Our L-Litter arrived on Eastersunday!!! Originally we planned a litter with Babajaga von Clanngadarn and Hägar von Clanngadarn for this autumn. But Babajaga desperately wanted her beloved male Drais von Clanngadarn and played "seek and hide" with us....;) She won the game and we think that this is a real "Catplanned Lovelitter...;)"

- to visit our L-Litter of Babajaga von Clanngadarn and Drais von Clanngadarn click here..!



7th of May: - We attended the International Cat Show of the Club "Freesenkatten" on the 7th of May with Hägar von Clanngadarn, Hexar von Clanngadarn and Iva von Clanngadarn

- Report of the Show on the 7th of May: click here...



22nd of April: - Our dreams (plans) came true!!:) On the 11th of April Engevika and Drais presented us 4 beautiful Kitten! Our J-Litter of two girls and two boys !!...

The next day our K-Litter of Anouche and David followed! - Anouche gave birth to 5 Kitten...:) Three girls and two boys. Now in our house it is very lively!!!:) We are very thankful and happy!!

To see the J-Litter

To see the K-Litter



30th of March: - We have new Kitten - Galleries. You can find them under: Kitten" => "Litters A-Z"...


14thof March: - Our Cats Ivi, Iva, Hägar and Hexar have their own page.

- Our Plans are Online


We attended some shows:


- Pet Fare in Hannover of the Felidae e.V. on the 29th and 30th of January 2011



- FiFé - Show in Groningen/Netherlands of the Mundikat on the 11th and 12th of December 2010




- Annual Christmas Show of our Club Felidae e.V. in Bremen on the 04th. and 05th of December 2010