About us

We are Gundula Mey and Daniela Glunz and we live in a small village called Müssen, situated not far from Hamburg, Lauenburg and Lüneburg. We are breeding this wonderful Cats since 2005 and our Cattery is registrated with our club 1.DEKZV (Member of FIFe).

Beside breeding cats, we have a second Hobby, the roleplay. You can see that in choosing such a strange name for our Cattery:" von-Clanngadarn " Clanngadarn is a country in the Midgard Fantasy World. It is a country in the north with lots of Trolls and forest cats.... The magician Babajaga (Gundula)and the dwarf Barga (Daniela) sit at night with their friends round the fireplace, on their heaps, how can it be different: lots of purring beautiful forest cats. Here we have the connection of the two worlds. The real one and the fantasy world....


We are situated in the:

Bahnhofstraße 12

21516 Müssen


We are in front of our house