World Champion/FIFe International Champion


Ginger vom Ristedter Moor

Black Silver tabby/mc. white (ns 09 23)

HCM-normal (07.08.06 + 14.08.07) + GSD IV free

* 07 th of May 2005 - 18 th of December 2015


It was love at first sight! On the one hand she is a Lady, wearing her tail proud like a bridal veil, then again she is our lovely clown and no flie she hunts can ever escape... She is wild, very active and the fastest cat in Müssen. Her nicknames are "Koala Bear" and "Spider Monkey", because she can climb up every palmtree around.Without a doubt she is a "Lucky Strike" - thanks to Ute and Rolf for this "silvery treasure"!!!


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BIV Special price nom.BIS BIS BOB BOA
8 2 16 4 - -


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