Gr. International Champion/FIFe Champion


Xara of Shorty Cats




Black Silver torbie/mc. white (fs 09 23)

HCM normal (14.08.07, 07.11.08 + 08.06.10) + GSD IV free

* 19. 07. 2006 - 09th of Sept. 2022


We wanted to - but we couldn't resist!!! Our little Angel looks like a painting by "God himself". She joint us with a lot of selfconfidence, turned the whole house upside down and took the hearts of the "cat-community" by storm. Our dog Vasco is especially fond of her and a deep friendship developed between them. We are deeply grateful having this "piece of rose gold in silver"!! Thanks a lot Ilona and S�ren for this very special "little Angel"!


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BIV Special price nom.BIS BIS BOB BOA
11 3 23 8 - -


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